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Reliable Supplier of HT and LT Switchgear in Bangladesh

AB Power Engineering Ltd. is one of the famous producers of HT and LT Switchgear in Bangladesh. Our switchgear solutions are built to meet the specific needs of your business, and we offer a range of products and services to ensure the optimal performance of your electrical distribution system. As a reliable supplier of HT and LT switchgear in Bangladesh, we provide the best quality switchgear.

Contact us today to learn how our switchgear can benefit your business and take the first step towards a more reliable and efficient power distribution system.

HT and LT Switchgear

Maximizing Switchgear Protection and Power System

As a power engineering company, AB Power Engineering Ltd. understands that a reliable and efficient power system is critical to your business operations. That's why we offer advanced switchgear solutions designed to maximize the protection and performance of your electrical distribution system.

Our switchgear technology is engineered to ensure the safe and efficient distribution of power throughout your facility, reducing the risk of electrical faults, downtime, and damage to your equipment. Our systems are designed to provide a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

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Main Components of LT Switchgear

Main Components of LT Switchgear

LT switchgear (Low Tension switchgear) is an electrical distribution system that is used to control, protect, and isolate electrical equipment in a low-voltage power system. The term "low tension" refers to systems with a voltage of fewer than 1000 volts.

LT switchgear typically consists of various components such as circuit breakers, busbars, isolators, earth switches, transformers, relays, control panels, and enclosures. The main components of a low-tension (LT) switchgear typically include:

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker is the main component of the LT Switchgear. These are used to break or interrupt the flow of electric current in the event of a fault or overload in the electrical system. The circuit breaker consists of two main components - the contacts and the operating mechanism. The operating mechanism is responsible for opening and closing the contacts.

Different types of circuit breakers are used in LT Switchgear depending on the requirements and sensitivity of the system.

  • Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) from 800A to 6300A
  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) from 10A to 1600A
  • Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) from 10A to 63A
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Busbar System

Busbar System

A busbar system in switchgear is a network of electrical conductors that are used to distribute electrical power to various components of the switchgear. It is typically made up of a series of copper or aluminum bars that are mounted on insulated supports and connected together to form a single conductor.

In switchgear, the busbar system is used to connect various components such as circuit breakers, transformers, and other switchgear equipment. The busbars are designed to handle high levels of electrical current and are typically insulated with materials such as PVC or epoxy to protect against electrical arcing and short circuits.



Metering is an important aspect of switchgear design, as it allows for the monitoring and measurement of electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, energy, and frequency within the switchgear.

Metering is used to see and measure the flowing current and existing voltage. Several types of metering can be used based on Lathe necessity of the system, like:

  • Ammeter (To measure the current)
  • Voltmeter (To measure the voltage of the system)
  • KWH Meter (To measure the used power)
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FAQ Regarding Switchgear

There are several types of switchgear, including low-voltage switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear, high-voltage switchgear, and extra-high-voltage switchgear.

The purpose of switchgear is to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. It is used to protect electrical equipment from damage due to overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

A switch is a device used to open or close an electrical circuit, while a circuit breaker is a device used to protect an electrical circuit from damage due to overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

Low voltage switchgear is used for voltage levels up to 1000V, while high voltage switchgear is used for voltage levels above 1000V.

Some safety precautions to be taken while working with switchgear include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), isolating the equipment before working on it, ensuring proper grounding, and following the proper lockout procedures.
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