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Power Solution Company in Bangladesh
Welcome To AB Power Engineering Ltd.

Electricity Power solution company in Bangladesh

AB Power Engineering Ltd. is a leading electricity power solution company in Bangladesh, providing top-quality substations, switch Gear, power generators, and power transformers, and reliable service & solutions for homes & businesses. With a legacy of excellence spanning over five decades, we stand as a cornerstone in power solutions.

Since 1969, with a rich history of reliability and expertise, we've been dedicated to providing dependable power solutions for homes and businesses nationwide as part of the AB Power Group of Companies. Trust us for unparalleled expertise and service in power solutions.

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Our Featured Products

Our Power solution products: Quality & sustainable in every piece

Are you Looking for top-quality transformer, substation, and power generator solutions in Bangladesh? AB Power Engineering Ltd. offers a wide range of power products designed to meet your power needs with efficiency, reliability & durability.

The power transformer from AB Power ensures stable & efficient electricity distribution, empowering homes and businesses with reliable energy.

Our switchgear ensures safe and efficient power distribution for various applications, with seamless control and protection for electrical systems.

Our power generators deliver reliable electricity, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for homes, businesses, and industries across Bangladesh.

Our Businesses

Generating power & durability to thrive businesses in Bangladesh

We are one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality switchgear & transformer solutions in Bangladesh. We provide reliable & innovative solutions designed to meet clients' needs.

Our team of expert electricians is dedicated to providing high-quality installations, repairs, & maintenance services to ensure the safety & functionality of your electrical systems.

We manufacture & supply high-quality garment accessories. Our products include buttons, zippers, ribbons, labels, and more, designed to enhance the aesthetics of your garments.

Service & Solution

Trusted experts in Power Solution services

At AB Power Engineering Ltd., we're the trusted experts in power solutions. Rely on us for reliable and customized solutions to meet your energy needs with ease and expertise.

Annual Maintenance

We offer comprehensive annual maintenance services customized to your specific power product needs.

Supply & Installation

We offer high-quality power product supply and installation services for a wide range of electrical equipment and systems.

Corporate Service

Our corporate services are designed to help businesses optimize their energy use & reduce their environmental impact.

Customized Switchgear,Transformer

AB Power Engineering Ltd. (At A Glance)

Whether you need customized switchgear, transformer, substation, or generator solutions for your home, business, or industry, AB Power Engineering Ltd. has the expertise and the resources to deliver high-quality power solution products built to last.

Our Core Values

  • We Manufacture Electrical substations ranging from 11 KV to 33 KV.
  • Provide all sorts of electrical installation and maintenance services.
  • Low cost & high-quality substation equipment & controlling components.
  • Up to 100,0000000 Tk (One Hundred Crore) financial capability.
  • Sufficient tools are available to the maintenance crews.
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Our Leadership

Meets the Experts: Our Comprehensive Engineering Solution

Sub Station Video Sub Station Video

Powering Up: A Look Inside Substations, Switch Gear & Generators

Mr. Golam Mortuza
Mr. Golam Mortuza

Mr. Golam Murtoza is the chairman of AB Power Engineering Ltd. He is a retired REB/PBS General Manager. AB Power Engineering Ltd. certainly is the best friend of people who need electricity, electrical equipment and services.

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Collaborating with Our Clients and Partners for Sustainable Business Success.

We believe that collaboration is key to achieving sustainable business success. That's why we work closely with our clients and partners to understand their unique needs & develop customized solutions that deliver the best possible outcomes.

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