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Electrical Substation Supplier Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

AB Power Engineering Ltd., is a famous Electrical Substation Supplier Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh dedicated to enhancing energy access and strengthening the country's power infrastructure in the dynamic energy sector. We provide 33/11 KV, 10/14 MVA Power Substation in several projects, especially in the BREB Project.

Its official incorporation as AB Power Engineering Ltd. in 2014 signaled the start of a new chapter in the supplier of all-inclusive power solutions. Contact us today for electrical substations and any other energy needs.

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Electrical Substation Equipment Supplier

Electrical Substation & Substation Equipment Supplier Company in Bangladesh

As a leading supplier of electrical substations and substation equipment supplier company in Bangladesh, AB Power Engineering Ltd. earns respect in the constantly evolving power sector of Bangladesh. To fulfill the expanding needs of Bangladesh's energy industry, we as a full-service supplier of power solutions, provide a wide range of services and goods.

The business is proud to be a dependable provider of top-notch controlling components and substation equipment. The items, which range from switchgear to transformers, are made to exacting standards of quality. Start a journey with AB Power Engineering Ltd., your reliable power solutions partner in the power sector.

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Services provided by AB Power Engineering Ltd.

AB Power Engineering Ltd. is a well-known electrical substation supplier company in Bangladesh's power engineering industry.

AB Power Offers the Following Services and Solutions:

Manufacturing high-quality Switchgear & Transformers

Our specialty is manufacturing premium transformers and switchgear. Our manufacturing techniques, ranging from 11 KV to 33 KV, place a premium on innovation and dependability.

We customize solutions to fit the particular requirements of each of our customers, guaranteeing effectiveness and robustness in each item.

Electrical maintenance services

Electrical installation and maintenance services

AB Power Engineering Ltd. is dedicated to guaranteeing the functionality and safety of your electrical systems; we do more than just manufacture products. Comprehensive electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services are offered by our team of knowledgeable electricians.

Annual maintenance contract

We provide thorough yearly maintenance services to guarantee your electrical systems' lifespan and peak performance. Our maintenance plans are customized to meet your unique requirements, giving you peace of mind and reducing time.

Our Maintenance Plan

Supply-installation support

A comprehensive range of electrical systems and equipment can be supplied and installed by AB Power Engineering Ltd., the trusted source of high-quality services. Our dedication to accuracy and productivity is evident in each project we work on.

Corporate service

Our corporate services are intended to assist companies in minimizing their environmental effect and optimizing their energy use. We work closely with our clients to provide solutions that are customized to their needs and improve sustainability and energy efficiency.

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High-quality Electrical Substations

Why choose AB Power Engineering Ltd. for Electrical Substations?

Choosing the appropriate partner for your electrical substation needs is crucial in the ever-changing power market of Bangladesh. As one of the famous electrical substation supplier company in Bangladesh, AB Power Engineering Ltd. is distinguished by its outstanding expertise, dependability, and dedication to enabling communities and companies via the use of advanced electrical substations.

The reasons behind choosing us are:

  • Proven legacy and expertise
  • A comprehensive range of solutions
  • Customized substation solutions
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Expert electrical installation and maintenance
  • Trusted leadership
  • Client trust and collaborations
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FAQS on Electrical Substation Supplier Company

AB Power Engineering Ltd. specializes in providing comprehensive electrical and power solutions, including the manufacturing of high-quality switchgear and transformers, electrical installation and maintenance services, and the supply of substation equipment.

AB Power Engineering Ltd. offers a range of electrical substations, catering to different voltage requirements. These include substations ranging from 11 KV to 33 KV, designed to meet the diverse needs of clients.

AB Power maintains the best quality control initiatives throughout its production processes. It prioritizes innovation and technology to acknowledge that every product, from switchgear to transformers, fulfills the highest level of quality.

Yes, AB Power Engineering Ltd. specializes in offering customized substation solutions. The company collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and delivers solutions that precisely meet their needs.

The company offers comprehensive annual maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of electrical systems. The expert electricians at AB Power Engineering Ltd. are dedicated to the safety and functionality of electrical systems.

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